North Bay: Peninsula and
North Shore Roads

Bringing natural gas to your community

We are bringing natural gas to the communities of North Bay: Peninsula and North Shore Roads. By switching to natural gas, households can save up to 45% each year on home and water heating. Local businesses could see up to a 30% reduction in their energy costs annually for space and water heating.

Ontario Energy Board review and approval is required before the project can proceed. Once approved, construction would begin as early as Spring 2020.

Check back often for the latest information about the project and start saving as early as fall 2020.

Project Status

Gas is On!
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Where will gas be available?

Check the map below to see if natural gas is coming to your street.

About the project

This project includes the construction of approximately 27 kilometers of natural gas pipeline at a cost of $10M, made possible by:

  • A provincial contribution under the Natural Gas Expansion Support Program of $8.7M, generated by cross subsidizing existing Ontario natural gas rate payers.
  • An additional charge on customers’ natural gas bills of 23 cents for every cubic metre of natural gas used for up to 40 years.