Milverton, Wartburg & Rostock

Bringing natural gas to your community

Natural gas is flowing in Milverton, Wartburg and Rostock and homeowners can switch and begin saving up to $1,200* a year on space and water heating. Sign up now to start saving by this winter!

If you want to switch to natural gas, here are some important timelines to keep in mind: between October 31 and March 31, we will do our best to meet our standard timelines to connect you, but we will be adding two weeks to the installation date to account for winter conditions. Regardless of when you want to connect, Enbridge Gas must have your new customer account created and a completed application from your heating contractor (HVAC) to guarantee service. To avoid delays in starting to save, we encourage you to work with your heating contractor to act as quickly as possible!

Switching to natural gas is easy and households can save up to 45%* each year on home space and water heating. Local businesses could see up to a 30%* reduction in their annual energy costs for space and water heating. For a personalized estimate on how much you can save by switching to natural gas email and we will let you know!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email and we'll get back to you.

*Annual cost and saving estimates are based on January 2017 or January 2018 fuel rates for a four-person home using 2,200 or 2,350 cubic meters (m3) of natural gas a year, depending on community, for space and water heating. Estimates include a surcharge of $0.23/m3 (see project pages for specific details) for pipeline construction costs. Estimates also include the provincial government’s Fair Hydro Plan reduction for electricity.

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Where is gas available?

Check the map below to see if natural gas is coming to your street.

About the project

This project includes the construction of approximately 47 kilometres of natural gas pipeline at a total cost of $5.9 million, made possible by:

  • An additional charge on customers’ natural gas bills of 23 cents for every cubic metre of natural gas used for up to 15 years. Including this added charge, switching to natural gas will save you up to $1,200* per year for home and water heating.
  • A municipal contribution of $41,000/year for 10 years, funded in part by the property taxes Enbridge Gas will pay annually on the new pipeline.
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