Paying too much
for energy was
your only choice.
Until now.

Natural gas is affordable, reliable and plentiful

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch. Natural gas is the most affordable way to heat your home and water, with savings up to $1,200* each year when you switch from using electricity, oil or propane. It’s also the most affordable way to run major appliances like stoves, clothes dryers and barbecues.

Large and small businesses save up to 30%* each year on space and water heating when making the switch, with even greater savings when you switch more equipment to natural gas.

And with massive supplies right here in North America, the price of natural gas will remain low for years to come. This will help businesses in your community be more competitive as well as attract new businesses, creating and supporting direct and indirect local jobs.

Natural gas improves life in Ontario communities

Switch and you can save up to 50%* each year on home and water heating

Home Heating Costs
up to
Water Heating Costs
up to
charts showing home heating cost comparison
chart showing water heating cost comparison

Switch more, save more

Natural gas appliances offer convenience and savings you’ll appreciate when you make the switch.

illustration of a fireplace
75%* less
than wood
A natural gas fireplace can keep your family warm, even during a power outage, without any ashes to clean up
illustration of a washer
45%* less
than electricity
Gas dryers are easier on your clothes and your budget, providing gentle, moist heat that reduces wrinkles
illustration of an oven
35%* less
than electricity
Natural gas is the preferred choice of professional chefs, because it provides even and precise temperature control
illustration of a bbq
50%* less
than propane
Backyard grillers who make the switch never worry about running out of propane or charcoal again

Plan now to save even more after you switch

We offer a comprehensive suite of energy-efficiency programs. Planning your upgrade right can mean savings on your conversion, help reduce your energy use and put more money in your pocket.

You may be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates for retrofits and renovations, as well as free energy upgrades for income-eligible households. We also offer energy-saving upgrades and tips, and a range of energy-saving programs for businesses. Each year, our programs eliminate enough greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to equal taking 2.9 million cars off of Ontario roads.

More reasons to make the switch

By making the switch to natural gas, you’ll have:

A reliable energy source you can count on.
With constant supply and unparalleled reliability, you can count on the natural gas system being available year-round with no fill-ups, even in the harshest winter months.

A cleaner energy source that you can feel good about.
As a low-carbon energy source, natural gas plays a key role in the province’s move towards a cleaner future, enhancing the quality of life for all Ontarians.

A safe energy source with a proven track record.
We’ve been safely delivering natural gas to homes and businesses across Ontario for over a century.

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*Annual cost and saving estimates are based on January 2017 or January 2018 fuel rates for a four-person home using 2,200 or 2,350 cubic meters (m3) of natural gas a year, depending on community, for space and water heating. Estimates include a surcharge of $0.23/m3 (see project pages for specific details) for pipeline construction costs. Estimates also include the provincial government’s Fair Hydro Plan reduction for electricity.