Fenelon Falls, Cameron, and Cambray

Bringing natural gas to your community

Natural gas is flowing in Fenelon Falls…

Join the many homeowners in your community that have made the switch and are enjoying the benefits of natural gas.

To avoid delays in starting to save, we encourage you to work with your heating contractor to act as quickly as possible! By switching to natural gas, households can save up to 45% each year on home and water heating. Local businesses could see up to a 30% reduction in their energy costs annually for space and water heating. Check back often for the latest information about the project and start saving!

If you’d like to speak to a representative regarding your application, please reach out to either:

Don Armitage 705-750-7203
Travis James 289-971-0813

*Annual cost and savings estimates are based on July 2019 fuel rates for an average residential home using 2,200 cubic metres of natural gas for home and water heating a year. Estimates include the natural gas monthly charge and a surcharge of $0.23/m3 for pipeline construction costs. Heating oil prices are based on the latest available Toronto retail prices as of June 2019. Hydro prices are based on Hydro One (Med Density – R1) distribution rates effective July 1, 2018 and include the First Nations Delivery Credit. Propane prices are based on EDPRO Energy Group Inc. rates as of July 11, 2019. GST/HST is not included in any cost calculations.

Project Status

Gas is On!
Start Saving

Where will gas be available?

Check the map below to see if natural gas is coming to your street.

About the project

This project includes the construction of 55 kilometers of natural gas pipeline at a total cost of $48 million, made possible by:

  • A $1/ month contribution from new and existing natural gas utility customers in Ontario, which was implemented on July 1, 2019.
  • A system expansion surcharge of $0.23 cents per cubic metre of natural gas used over a term of 40 years, to be paid by new customers in the communities served by the expansion projects.
  • A contribution from City of Kawartha Lakes, Government of Ontario and the new natural gas customers of Fenelon Falls, Cameron, and Cambray.
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